The design of the HMAS Perth (I) Memorial is based on an emotional response on the part of ourselves, the artists, within an extremely practical methodology that seeks to blend both the existing structures and our dramatic development of these into a cohesive entity, that will serve as a fitting memorial to commemorate this major historical tragedy in the history of Western Australia but crucially, to also represent the whole of Australia, from whence these men (and their families ) emanated  : 681 in total, for that fatal last voyage.

Our approach then, is two-fold: to encapsulate and express the horror and pain of this tragedy and to do so, on a site that has physical restrictions and a pre-ordained purpose: that of a training facility containing memorabilia relating to HMAS Perth (I) (II) and (III)  and a meeting place, for the veterans and their connections.

In that regard, it is a special site in many ways and although ‘modest’ in its current form we have taken great care to preserve its value as a site of historic relevance, enhancing and updating to current 21st Century standards.


Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith